Cabrera National Park

Cabrera National Park is a group of islands on the south east of Majorca declared national park in 1991. Cabrera has a very important natural value. Due to the isolation has come to our days without been change. The coast line is one of the best protected ones in spain and one of the best in the Mediterranean.

Important sea bird colonies can be seen but the most outstanding is the underwater life.

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Dive trips to Cabrera during the summer months

ZOEA Mallorca organizes day trips to Cabrera during the summer months. Trips include 2 dives plus a stop at the Cabrera harbour where you can decide to visit the castle, the museum or sit at the cantina to has a fresh drink.

This is our schedule for Cabrera:

  • 08:00 Meeting at ZOEA, paperwork and loading of the boat
  • 08:30 Boat leaves
  • 09:45 Arrival Cabrera and registration in harbour
  • 10:10 First dive
  • 12:30 Second dive
  • 14:00 Lunch – Everybody brings his own lunch / The Cabrera-Kanteen also sells sandwiches.

    If you are interested, you can visit the castle
  • 15:15 Snorkeling in the Blue Cave
  • 15:45 Return to the Dive Center
  • 17:05 Arrival ZOEA
  • 17:30 Logbook


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