Isla Bledas

This small island situated in the east side of Cabrera was open to recreational diving last 2007 by the Park authorities. The original idea is to rotate the different diving areas of the biggest protected waters of Majorca. During the same year, a new spot in Conejera Island and the wreck of MV Ana Rosa were also opened.

The dive takes place around the waters of the little island. The boat stops in a rocky bottom between Cabrera and Ses Bledes. We start the dive at a depth of 12 meters. The diver will immediately surprised due to the amazing visibility, the crystal clear waters and the untouched bottom. Once we are close to the wall of the island, we will live it on our right side during the whole dive. As we dive further we will gain depth until we get to 25 meters. In the outside waters, 40 meters can be reached. During the first minutes a huge school of Barracudas will be spotted very close. The first Groupers will start to appear and as the minutes pass by the size of them will increase. Most of the dives get really surprised because of the size of some of this fishes. In the near wall, in the crevice and holes Morey Eels and Majorca Lobsters can be founded. It is not rare to see small rays during the dive.

Once we are in the other side of the island we dive in shallow waters and the rocky bottom gives some space to the Sea Grass. Along the last ten minutes of the dive we go through the channel between the islands where Common Base, Saupes and sometimes small lemon fish that come to this water searching food. 

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