El Toro

Our major divespot zone - a beautiful marina reserve.

10 minutes away from both divecenters. 7 divespots offer a big variety of dives, for all levels and experiences. Most of the dives start at a plateau of 5m depth. Drop off down to 18-35 meters and many fields of all-sized rocks are filled with all kind of marine life.

The biological diversity is breathtaking from nudibranches of about 1cm to Grouper up to 1,5 m. muray-eels, octopus, scorpionfishes, baracudas and hundreds of other species are living in this beautiful area.

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  • In the Marine Reserve El Toro you will find some of the best dive spots of Mallorca.
  • Dive map El Toro
  • Barrakudas join the divers while they dive in El Toro.
  • Scorpionfishes are one of the attractions in the marine reserves of Mallorca
  • Daily snorkelling excursions to visit El Toro Island
  • El Toro: recommended for open water Divers
  • Salps always put a touch of colour in our dives