Diving trips in Majorca

Discover The Underwater Beauty Of Mallorca 

The southwest area of Mallorca and its surroundings have the privilege of crystal clear water and calm sea with one of the richest Mediterranean wildlife ecosystems and a variety of beautiful undersea landscapes, wrecks, caves and cliffs. You can see barracudas, moray eels, congers, groupers, octopusses... The average visibility is 30 meters and the temperature varies between 16 ° C in April to 28 ° C in August.

Dives for divers from every level

We have made a selection of 30 different dive sites varying between 10 and 40 metres deep and they are not far, a 10 minutes boat ride (marine reserves “Islas Malgrats” and “El Toro”) or a 30 minutes boat ride to the marine park “Isla Dragonera”. We also organize dive trips to the national park of Cabrera. Everybody can enjoy diving here, no matter what your experience is or what your requirements are, there is definitely something here for you. Even if you try them all, you will never have the feeling of doing the same dive twice.

How does our diving center organize dive trips?

From Monday to Sunday we meet at the dive center at 9am (we offer a free pick up service if you stay in a hotel in the area of Calvia), you can take your time with preparing your equipment and then go onboard one of our boats “Belone Belone”, “Conger Conger” or “Puntazzo Puntazzo” to spend the whole morning at sea and return at 13.30 pm, having made two dives of approximately 45 minutes each. During the winter months we do only on dive and return to the dive center at 11: 30 am. Between the dives there will be a short break while we change the tanks and sail to the second divesite. Before, during and after the dive you are looked after by one of our instructors, who will help you in everything you need and ensure your safety.

Made for divers comfort

If you do not want to bring your own equipment, you can rent everything in our dive center. If you prefer to bring your own equipment you can easily leave it with us during your stay, instead of taking the wet gear to your hotel. Our tanks have both - DIN and INT -connections.

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  • Greater forkbeard in the Marine reserve El Toro
  • Groupers in National Park Cabrera
  • Divers getting easily in the wáter
  • Dive in the caves of Mallorca