Piscina Malgrats

Our second "house reef" also a marina reserve. It is situated directly in front of one of the divecenters, reached in 5 minutes. Offering 5 different divespots it is a zone for new divers and old stagers. The channel and the east side offers a big variety of a lemon fishes, barracudas, murays and big groupers. For those who like invertebrate life there are big colonies of briozoos, nudibranchas and all kind of sponges. The cape is a beautiful divespot going down to 35m and often shows big groups of barracudas among other species.

Malgrats is one of the places where a moonfishes has been seen close to the coast last year.

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  • Piscina Malgrats is perfect for the snorkelling excursions
  • Piscina Malgrats, just 5 Minutes away from the diving school
  • The best dive spot for snorkelling, Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diver Course
  • Dive map Piscina Malgrats