Cala Montjo

This quiet and peaceful zone offers different dives. The tunnel & cave dive starts with entering a long tunnel (25mts.) in about 5m depth. After crossing the rocky walls you exit into a area of medium-sized rocks. Immediately on your left is a cave where ascent to the surface to a big dome is possible, experienced dives can also enter a smaller extension of the cave where often different kinds of craps and seastar can be found.

Leaving the second cave, skimming the wall and to about 18 metres, another tunnel is waiting to be discovered This tunnel (10m length) is cut off from the rock and a big number of holes full of different invertebrates hiding away from direct light can be contemplated

Other dives in this zones leads to interesting landscapes including a huge wedge-shaped rock formation.


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  • Cala Montjo, 10 minutes from the diving center
  • Dive map Cala Montjo
  • Cave diving speciality
  • Cala Montjo: for Advanced Divers too
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  • Recommended for snorkelling, discover scuba diving and Open Water
  • Confortable and relaxed dive in caves