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Alexandra Cousteau diving with ZOEA Mallorca


It's a great honor for ZOEA Mallorca to take diving the granddaughter of the legendary explorer and filmmaker Jacques Yves Cousteau within the OCEANA´s campaign to expand the Cabrera National Park.

25 years ago we dreamed to be onboard the Calypso, belonging to it´s crew,  under the command of Captain Cousteau and today we've been diving with his granddaughter Alexandra Cousteau.

Unfortunately we couldn´t go to Cabrera due to bad weather conditions, but for sure we will go in the near future.

We would like to thank Alexandra Cousteau the OCEANA´s Director Xavier Pastor, photographers Carlos Minguell and Enrique Talledo and the rest of the OCEANA´s team, for relying again on ZOEA Mallorca.

If you want more information on OCEANA´s current projects: www.oceana.org

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